Good news 丨 Huabao stone won several awards July 18,2017

On July 16th, the North of ChinaInternational Stone Fair 2017 & the 11th Qingdao International Stone Fairheld a grand opening in the Qingdao International Expo Center, hosted by theChina Building Materials Federation,China StoneMaterials Association,China Council for the Promotion of International Trade BuildingMaterials Sub-Council,Shan Dong Stone Trade Association,and Seaexpo.

Jinjiang Huabao Stone Co., Ltd was honoredwith "Innovation Achievement Award", "Model Corporation ofTransformation & Upgrading Award", "Eddie Cup 2017, First Prizeof Technical Innovation in the Stone Industry" The Secretariat of CSMA hasfirstly reported the work regarding the "Twelfth Five-Year"industrial transformation and upgrading of the national stone industry andinnovation development during the event, and then reported the running statusof the stone industry economy in the first half year of 2017.

Then, the association awarded the medals andcertificates to the winning corporations and individuals.

It was a great honorfor Huabao Stone to participate in the North of China International Stone Fairand win many honors. Hereby, we thanks for the recognition and love from ourindustry.

Huabao Stone has always put the "ResourceRegeneration, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Upgrading and Renewal,Beyond Tradition" as our core value. Turning waste into treasure is one ofour goals, for example inorganic artificial stone, breaks the limits thatartificial stone cannot be flamed or not available for outdoors.