Good News | Huabao Stone successfully passed BSCI certification October 18,2017

▲BSCI Audit Summary Report 

 Jinjiang Huabao Stone Co., ltd. successfully passed BSCI certification under the coordination of the staff and departments on October 18, 2017. This marked the production conditions, management system and technical strength of Huabao Stone, which has withstood the certification of international organizations, and greatly enhanced the corporate image and international credibility.

▲Huabao Stone- Jinjiang factory base

The full name of BSCI is Business Social Compliance Initiative. It is a commitment of the enterprise and its supply chain to be responsible for society. And the social responsibility runs through more than 300 inspection standards into the corporate culture. BSCI certification is an important standard for foreign quality customers, especially in Europe, to judge qualified suppliers, and has a high level of gold and popularity worldwide.

The BSCI certification is a solid foundation and driving force for HuabaoStone's long-term strategic development. In the future, Huabao Stone will take this opportunity to create greater