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Huabaostone permeable brick

Sponge city, is a new generation of urban rain flood management concept, is refers to the city in adapt to environmental changes and respond to natural disasters brought about by the rain has good "flexibility", can also be called "elastic water city".

China stone industry has been concerned for environmental protection, for the sponge construction of city, produce beneficial to enhance its ability to prevent waterlogging, the rain has to absorb and release function, can be flexible to adapt to the environment and respond to natural disasters of ecological products.

Environmental protection Water Permeable Brick

Environmental protection Water Permeable Brick

Fujian Yongbao New Building Co.,Ltd. wasestablished in 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 50.8 million. Yongbao is one of the key project construction companies in Fujian Province. With our effort, we have developed two main products, “Sintering Perforated Brick” and “WaterPermeable Brick” which are both in compliance with the national policies “energysaving, environmental protection, waste utilization and purification.”

We always adhere to scientific innovationand we take “ resource regeneration, turning wast into treasure and productinnovation” as our principles, which is also our core technology. In order toease the political process of “Sponge City Construction”, we do our best todevelop product which takes “ water absorption, water storage, waterpenetration and water purification” as its main features. What’s more, thereare various structures, shapes and colors.

Each of our products has passed all theinspections by national authoritative organizations and each index meets thenational standards. They can be used in building projects, municipal gardens,urban roads, residence communities, shoulder slopes, greenbelts, squares, parks etc..