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By use of polishing and sand-blasting treatment on gray artificial inorganic stone, it forms a beautiful woman’s figure and water trickle from the ceiling image.
Artificial marble Calacatte Gold vanitytop laminated on light gray oak cabinet substrate for strength, durability and value. Pre-drilled 8-in widespread faucet holes for easy faucet installation.
Matched with vanitytop, Shower Base (140x85x6cm) is also made of artificial marble Calacatte Gold. Adopted Chinese traditional pattern, the floor drain has a classic charm.

Vanity top
Item NO. BR-12
Material: Artificial Calacatte Gold 
Color: White
Top Thickness: 2cm
Edge laminated thickness: 10cm
Actual Depth: 58.5cm
Actual Width: 91.4cm
Faucet Mount Type 8-in Widespread 
Sink Color: White
Huabao’s Exclusive: Yes
Blacksplash Included: Yes
Treatment: Surface polished, one long side eased polished and two short side eased polished