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Subject: The Wizard of Oz

The powerful tornado bring one beautiful and kind girlnamed Dorothy to another world of ice and snow, this girl began her fantasticChristmas trip. The white snowflakes and crystal snow whitemarble wall are harmonious, The red nose deer Rudolph like a lighthouse bringDorothy through the fog and jungle, use your fingertips touch the Grey wood vein marble,the visual and tactile are samelike ancient pine,. The Silvermarble flooring exudes a unique, noble texture of the flavour, The wash sink is made of natural stone together with thepure pine,show the understated luxury, that help Dorothy and her friends towash away all troubles in the world

Tiles of Marble

Material:Crystal Snow White Marble;Greywood vein Marble;Silver Marble;


Thickness: according to customer'srequirements.

Actual Length :according to customer'srequirements

Actual Width :according to customer'srequirements

Huabao's Exclusive:No

Treatment:Polished;Honed;Antiqued and so on

 Stone Sink 

Material: Natural Silver Marble andPine

Color: Brown

Actual Height (Inches) 34 3/5-in

Actual Depth (Inches) 17 3/5

Actual Width (Inches) 17 3/5

Faucet Mount Type   8-in Widespread

Sink Color Brown

Huabao's Exclusive Yes

Hardware Included:No

Treatment: Surface Polished